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Post-training: the post-training of electrostimulation

Post training and Electrostimulation

If you have already tried our technology with the software and/or the devices, it is likely that you have realized that post training activities are important. Actually, during a training session with the i-motion EMS system, you subject your body to important workouts. This means that practically all the processes in your body get accelerated. The blood supply is increased, as well as the metabolic rate and cellular interchanges. Therefore, it is important to plan well what to do after muscle electrostimulation.

Post training recovery after working with EMS

After training sessions with the i-motion devices, it is important that you allow your muscles to recover. It is important to provide nutrients for their fibres to be generated and to regenerate the tissues. Therefore, it is important to stick to a diet that would include more quality nutrients.

Do you want to get better results in your training with electrostimulation? Bear in mind the following post training recommendations!

1 – Cut down or give up alcohol.

2 – Prepare meals that would include a greater amount of certain nutrients. Proteins, vitamins and minerals that help your body increase muscle mass are essential.

3 – Decrease the consumption of simple sugars. These are not recommended in any diet, so if you want to improve your results, get rid of them.

4 – Increase daily activity. Walking, climbing stairs and moving in general is productive. This helps natural detoxification and lymphatic drainage.

Also, if you do electrofitness as post-training recovery, you can easily chain several sessions. This option allows you to decrease muscle fatigue. Anyway, although you increase the number of exercises, one of the most important aspects in post training recovery is nutrition. In order to recover from the effort made during the training and make your body fit and healthy, you need to take care about your diet.

If you are interested in electrostimulation training and would like to try it and check its effects, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist you!

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