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How electrostimulation affects the muscular system

i-motion is only applied on the skeletal muscles, which are responsible for our mobility.

The muscles work under electrical impulses. The signal for contraction comes from the brain through the central nervous system. There are motor neurons in the muscles that transform this signal into a mechanical action that is movement.

The metabolism of muscle fibres is much greater, more active and accelerated than the metabolism of fat cells; therefore, the body restructures its priorities, allocating energy to the muscle, rather than accumulating it in the form of fat.

We have 650 muscles, and between 300 and 350 are activated during training. Our body is not used to having so many muscles working at the same time, so it is a very intense workout and energy release.

The muscles need mobility and exercise; otherwise they atrophy and lose their qualities.

With i-motion, 10 muscle groups are exercised at the same time, both the most superficial and the deepest ones.

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