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I-motion USA

I-motion, one of the world leaders in the design and manufacture of EMS electro-stimulation equipment, continues its international expansion.

For I-motion it has been a big challenge as we are speaking of one of the biggest countries in the world in land and population. The American territory supposes one of the biggest opportunities for I-motion. The starting has been one of the greatest in the history of our company as we are receiving a lot of request asking and trying to get know more about our technology and our system.

The electrostimulation has been in America for a couple of years but at this moment there is an ocean of information to know about the EMS and fitness and we want to make America know about the advantages and the benefits.

In last years the years the EMS equipment has been only in the hand of the celebrities and elite athletes, our objective is to offer the same technology to all the users who enjoy the fitness and want to improve their physical performance in less time.

I-motion, which is currently present in over 50 countries has landed in USA to keep putting the world in shape and our mission in this magnificent country just started.

USA is ready for the next fitness generation by I-motion EMS!

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