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Threating lower back pain with electrostimulation

Low back pain is the obsession of many people. It is the most common back pain in the population. Low back pain is manifested by sometimes acute muscular pain in the lumbar region located in the lower or middle back. It can be particularly disabling by limiting or even preventing movement.


Muscle electrostimulation is a very effective method of treating low back pain because it relieves the pain while treating the pathological causes to prevent its recurrence. Its scientifically proven benefits on back pain make electrostimulation a preferred solution for health professionals, in particular physiotherapists and physical therapists.

Electrostimulation to threat low back pain

Electrostimulation has been proven as an analgesic effect. When used correctly by recognized and competent health professionals, it allows a targeted action on the lumbar area to relieve back pain located in the lower or middle back. This targeted action helps to reduce contractures and relieve muscular pain in this sensitive area, which is particularly complicated to move when suffering from low back pain.

In many cases, lower back pain radiates into the back, can even extend to the buttocks or thighs and prevents the movement. However, movement is the best remedy for lower back pain. Whatever the origin of this low back pain (bad posture, sudden movements, chronic osteoarthritis, etc.), electrostimulation will help to reduce localized muscle contractions in the back thanks to specific programs.

This method is also used and recommended to relax at the end of a hard workday to recover after an intense physical effort that has mobilized the upper body, to relieve muscular stiffness and finally to regain a feeling of well-being.

Relief is good – healing is even better! Most back pain is caused by weak muscles and lack of tone. They are often the result of excessive muscle tension, too much exercise or contractures caused by a wrong posture.

Thanks to specific programs developed by specialized engineers, electrostimulation will strengthen weakened muscles.

The results obtained with electrostimulation techniques to treat low back pain and more generally back pain are convincing. According to the study carried out in 2016 by Dr. Reynier Fernández León which says:

88% of the participants in the study saw their back pain reduced significantly.

After 2 training sessions, 20% showed no pain, and after 6 weeks the number of people reached 60%.

The frequency and duration of the pain was reduced by more than 80%.

After 2 weeks of EMS, pain intensity decreased by 50%.

40% of the participants had chronic back pain before starting treatment and after 6 weeks of training it was only 9%. For 44% of the patients with chronic pain, the pain disappeared completely.

The strength needed for typical daily tasks involving a weight on the back (heavy lifting, physical work, housework, sports, driving or sitting for long periods) improved by 30%.

Most of the improvements occurred during the first 2-4 weeks of training.

Electro-stimulation for professionals

The results of electrostimulation in the treatment of back pain are therefore scientifically proven, but that’s not all. It is also a particularly suitable method for physiotherapy practices or physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

It allows a very wide range of patients to be treated by adapting the protocols to their needs in order to rehabilitate and prevent. EMS wireless electrostimulation is very easy to use and improves patient autonomy. I-motion, a world leader in the sector, has developed electrostimulation devices offering programs dedicated to the treatment of back pain and equipped with wireless technology (up to 100 meters range) for an unlimited number of patients.

This solution, developed by experienced engineers specialized in the design and manufacture of medical devices, is made in Spain. It has the KTC certificates, the CE certificate approved by the SGS and the Invima quality management certificate that guarantees the quality of the products and their innovative character. For more information and to see a demonstration clicking the button below.

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