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The use of electrostimulation in the sports scenarios

Possibly you also have wondered if electrostimulation in sports works. You may have dared to check it by yourself, sitting you in front of it, face to face, staring at it, taking your hands firmly to push to it. Who has won?

Let us say that there are no winners or losers, but two opponents willing to join forces to achieve their objectives in this pulse. Electrostimulation and sport are two very different realities with a same backdrop: wellness.

How electrostimulation in sports works

We began this post assuming that you also had thought once about the operation of electrical stimulation equipments in the sport scenario. What do you think about this? You don’t need to answer, just think about it.

Whatever your opinion with which you decide to tackle this text is, electrostimulation is innovation, despite its thousands of years of existence. It never ceases to be a novelty because of the constant upgrades of its software and the host of applications that it presents.

There is no doubt that electrical stimulation of a thousand years ago was not the same as it is now. Not even the one of a decade ago, but it works. Electro-stimulation on the sports stage works because these few things:

  1. It drives growth and professionalism to personal trainers, physical trainers, gyms or sports center that has it.
  2. It is a safe bet for booming business, so many investors are putting looking in the direction of this electrostimulation technique.
  3. It allows centers to join a unique business opportunity and attract new customers as well as retain them.
  4. Sport professionals can guarantee their customers the improvement of muscular pathologies and a more rapid rehabilitation.
  5. It offers a much deeper muscle training with maximum convenience.

Can you think about something that we have not mention in these five reasons? Let us know.

Say goodbye to electro-stimulation myths

Almost all technological and social progress brings a backpack loaded with myths and legends about what was and what it could be, but we want to try to focus on what it is. At i-motion EMS, we don’t want to break with any myth, but rather to clarify the false realities that are approved without demonstration.

How many times you’ve heard talk of electrostimulation and its ability to cause you an electric shock? And how many times have someone said to you that you can get in shape sitting on the couch while watching TV? Let alone the myriad of occasions where you have auto-convinced that anyone can wear the electro-stimulation equipment. Everything is a myth.

It does not cause electric shocks, or puts you in shape from the couch, neither anyone can use it. Intense and deep electrostimulation work makes people’s dreams a reality, not a nightmare.

Don’t forget it.

A summary on electrostimulation and sport

It is curious. Many people have not ever tested an electro-stimulation equipment, but say they love technology and its great sports results. In this technique, there is something that means a great battle: take a step forward. Change is never easy, especially when it involves placing yourself in the hands of the constant struggle, but you have to be realistic. The sport scene has always pursued a small luck to improve, and electrostimulation is nothing more than this materialized goal which does not seek to replace anything, but to complement.

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