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This is the time for buttocks electrostimulation! Key points to consider

Not long ago, we devote one of our posts to explain how to get a firm and tight butt. There are many people who can’t find space in their day to go to the gym twice a week, but don’t worry if this is your case, because thanks to the advantages of electrical muscle stimulation with you can get it and stay fit.

However, this technique is not effective if our customers do not carry out a balanced diet and physical exercise. The EMS is effective, not miraculous. So, until you get to work the glutes, we want to give you some clues in the use of electrical stimulation.

Do you want to discover them?

6 keys that you must not forget about muscle electrostimulation for buttocks

Society have to consider the sedentary handicap, people who don’t pay attention to their routine, people who spend too much time sitting doing cognitive tasks. As it could not be otherwise, this is affecting our health. If you’re one of those lucky ones that the EMS has chosen to break with the sedentary lifestyle, pay attention to these keys:

  1. Choose a quality electrostimulator. Step by step. First, decide if you want it to be for personal or professional use. Many specialized aesthetic centers have these devices to launch them and meet the needs of their customers, especially in women.
  2. How many pathways does your electrostimulator have? Is it suitable for use in the buttocks? What about the abdomen? What level of intensity are you going to use in both cases? Do you know their programs? How do their impulses work? If you’re wondering why you need to know how many ways you have to use it, the answer lies in their adaptation to your current and future preferences.
  3. Think about whether the electrostimulator you are going to choose works with batteries or battery. Although it may seem indifferent, it is important to be clear about what power our equipment has because of the advantages and disadvantages it has in both cases. Are you an aesthetic center? So, keep in mind that the use you can give to your equipment can be very demanding, so batteries may not come out very profitable.
  4. How much does it cost? Perhaps, this is one of the aspects that we consider the most when making a purchase. Therefore, we encourage you to evaluate the profitability that will be assumed for your business in terms of its functionalities. Think about the services you can offer your customers and the competitive advantages you will have thanks to it.
  5. You can end up with body flaccidity. And not only on buttocks, but also in other deposits of fat in the abdomen, arms, legs, etc. Many people are dealing with the problem of sagging in some parts of their body, so that electrical stimulation has been presented as an easy and effective alternative for them. It is a preference that exceeds the alternatives of the brachioplasty or the arms lifting with surgery. Why entering the operating room and if you can achieve the same results with the EMS?
  6. Improves blood circulation. Do you know how many people out there are worried about swelling of ankles, legs and feet? Help them improve blood distribution from the inside out, from the internal organs to the muscles and skin. Every problem has a solution! At least with the electrostimulation.

Conclusion about muscle electrostimulation for buttocks and its key points

Taking into account all these aspects is important because it not only influences the improvement of the profitability of the centers, unless it has a direct projection on the health and the physical persons. Not only improves blood circulation, but also the lymphatic.

Thanks to the benefits of muscle electrostimulation in health and aesthetics, it is possible to reduce the edematous, eliminate liquids and mobilize the molecules, such as proteins.

How are you going to start it?? Solve all your doubts with us. i-motion is always ready to help you.

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