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Professional soccer players training with i-motion EMS

By May 27, 2022August 1st, 2022EMS, i-motion
Entrenamiento secreto de Karim Benzema

As we have already seen, electro muscle stimulation (EMS) has positioned itself as one of the best solutions for professionals when it comes to doing sports, recovering from injuries and improving physical performance.

Every day more and more sports professionals and celebrities are turning to this type of training because it allows a greater muscular work in a shorter time. As we already know, EMS allows for 20-minute sessions, which are equivalent to large conventional work sessions.

The physical workout with electrostimulation allows working up to 300 muscles in the same session. Our EMS technology uses powerful and deep electrical impulses that mimic the contraction generated by a regular workout. It is also characterized by a pleasant and comfortable impulse thanks to our intelligent impulses. In addition, this technique allows you to work all muscle fibers at the same time achieving a greater effort and thus generating optimal results in a shorter period of time.

Another reason why elite soccer players use this type of training is that it is a great complement to physical exercise. In addition, our V21 software allows the use of different specific programs such as resistance training to help recovery after exercise


Electrostimulation in soccer

Karim Benzema, star striker of Real Madrid and the French national team, uses i-motion EMS training. The 4 times European champion complements his training with this technique to improve his physical preparation for his matches and to recover his muscles after them.

The French striker trains once a week with his personal trainer Javier Atalaya, which has allowed him to reach an optimal physical condition as he has already shown on different occasions such as on his youtube channel.

Javier Atalaya has commented Karim’s secret in the media, a training routine of strength, endurance and recovery “He is 34 years old but has the strength and muscle mass of a 22 year old guy” said his trainer in a report for RTVE.


picture instagram @javier atalaya

There are other examples of French national team players such as Kevin Gameiro and Djibril Cissé who have worked on their training routines with i-motion EMS.

We can also highlight Lucas Ocampos, Europa League champion (19-20) with Sevilla FC, who has trained on multiple occasions to electrostimulation in one of our i-motion club in Marseille to put himself in the hands of Denis Lota, certified trainer by i-motion group.

In addition to the electrofitness training, the footballer has also carried out relaxation and recovery sessions with his wife, the model Majooh Barbeito, in order to improve his physique.

picture instagram @centreimotionmarseille13008

Outside Europe, there are many soccer professionals who differentiate their training with i-motion. A clear example is the case of Mehdi Tarat, player of Al-Gharafa (Qatar) and current champion with the Algerian national team in the Arab Cup held last December 2021.

The Algerian center-back also undergoes training sessions with i-motion EMS in a gym located in Riyadh, complementing his exercise routines and following training programs to improve his physical preparation for matches.

These are just a few examples, you can find more elite athletes in our social networks

How does electrostimulation help in soccer?


There are many professional soccer players who continue to join this sport because as we already know, electrostimulation with imotion EMS is a perfect complement when it comes to improving physical performance as it increases strength which can translate into improved skills such as running speed and improved vertical jump.

As we already know, soccer players put a lot of stress on their quadriceps and hamstrings, so thanks to the use of electrostimulation they can prepare and recover the muscle fibers, thus helping to prevent the dreaded injuries.

One of the main advantages of our equipment is that thanks to the new i-motion V21 software programs, the training load can be focused on different specific muscle groups depending on the sport discipline, such as the lower body in the case of soccer.

As some analyses show, sports electrostimulation has different benefits for top athletes. In a study carried out by Andre Filipovic (renowned researcher of electrostimulation in the world of soccer), he demonstrated that after 14 weeks of training with integral muscle electrostimulation (WB-EMS), the study subjects significantly increased their maximum strength in one leg, improved their linear sprint, vertical jump performance and kicking speed after two sessions of dynamic training with WB-EMS.

On the other hand, another study conducted by professionals from the University of Burgundy and the University Hospital of Poitiers, ruled that in a study of 20 people, 10 subjects were tested with EMS, of the latter after 3 weeks a change was observed in the patterns of maximum isometric and eccentric extension of the lower body and speed gain, which improved significantly after the 5th week.

As you can see, our i-motion EMS equipment allows you to improve your clients’ workouts to the level of elite athletes. If you want to improve your career as a personal trainer or your fitness business, ask for information today and differentiate yourself from the competition thanks to our equipment.