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New i-motion V21 now available

The time has come! After many months of studies, tests and innovation by our group of experts. i-motionV21 has finally arrived. A new EMS device that is set to revolutionise the world of electrostimulation.

Adapted and designed for the fields of fitness, physiotherapy and aesthetics, the new v21 comes with great improvements that will facilitate its use and will squeeze the most of its capacity giving a better performance than its predecessor. Now achieving effective results in a short period of time is not only possible thanks to i-motion but also more pleasant and effective. .

The first thing to do when choosing an EMS device is to check the international safety certificates. I-motion V21 not only has the ICEEE safety certification also has the ISO 9001 and 14001. .

Present on the five continents, i-motion V21 has certifications associated with the geographical areas that allow its solutions to be sold in these areas. This is to demonstrate to users and the competent authorities that the equipment offered complies with mandatory legislation: CE marking (Europe), INVIMA (South America), ANVISA (Brazil), KTC (Asia). NEW MCI POWER V21 KTC (Asia).


Reviewing its new wireless communication module, we find at first glance a greater power and effectiveness in training. With a long battery life of up to 16 hours, this new module offers a smaller size and weight thanks to its more compact design. Its biggest novelty is that it comes with a new Bluetooth adapted for Windows, iOS and Android.

Bio-jacket i-motion V21

The Bio-jacket v21 comes with a series of new features that revolutionise this training suit. First of all, we have opted for a high quality neoprene that improves its useful life and offers greater comfort and freedom of movement as it adjusts and regulates perfectly to each type of user, being very easy to put on.

Talking about the electrodes we can find a high-end medical product. Thanks to its composition of carbon and rubber. This electrodes are freely adjustable to any part of the body.

However, the biggest improvement of this new bio-jacket is its new hidden wire system that mproves its Wireless operation. Also the absence of wires gives this new equipment a freedom in the execution of workouts never seen before. Like its predecessor, it also has independent operation between the lower and upper part.

The new i-motion V21 can revolutionise your business. Many sports, beauty and health professionals around the world can attest this. But this revolution can only happen on one condition: investing in a high-performance electrostimulation solution like the new V21. This is therefore the main criteria.

For more information about this new Bio-jacket, please click on the following link.

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