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I-shape continues its expansion to U.S.A

I-shape, the new technology designed for the aesthetics sector manufactured in Spain (Europe) continues its international expansion around the world. The next stop is USA.


I-shape enters one of the biggest countries in the world, this supposes a big opportunity for the brand as this is a new market with a lot of potential.


The electrostimulation has been present in America for a couple of years but at this moment there is still a lot of information to be known about the EMS and its uses in aesthetics. We want to introduce America to all of its advantages benefits.


I-shape, which is currently present around the world has landed in USA to offer its technology. i-shape is a revolutionary and unique device that uses electrostimulation technology to treat different areas simultaneously, providing results in a few sessions.


EMS technology has been used for decades and is scientifically proven in the areas of fitness, rehabilitation and aesthetics sector. I-shape has dedicated years of study to the improvement and creation of a product highly indicated for thighs, buttocks, pelvic floor and abs area.


We are convinced that this new technology is going to revolutionize in the aesthetics sector pretty soon in all America.

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