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i-shape is a revolutionary and unique device that uses electrostimulation technology to treat different areas simultaneously, providing results in a few sessions.

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Discover a cutting-edge and non-invasive technology to shape up your figure

EMS technology has been used for decades and is scientifically proven in the areas of fitness, rehabilitation and the aesthetic sector.

Thanks to its functioning, i-shape stimulates abdomen, buttocks, legs and arms at the same time, generating large contractions and its consequent loss of fat, muscle gain and toning.

Our system triggers enlarged and perfect contractions generating imminent localised fat loss, muscle mass gain, skin toning and elimination of toxins.







The action of i-shape allows direct and deep stimulation to be transmitted to the muscles creating perfect contractions and causing an outstanding relaxation. The treatment allows fat loss, muscle gain and skin toning, all in the same session.

Versatile and intelligent software for the best beauty and recovery treatments

Cutting-edge technogy for your bussiness

With extensive experience in the aesthetics sector, i-shape ems has been developed to offer to aesthetics clinics a service that allows you to enjoy unique treatments based on the technology of electro-stimulation.

Used so far by elite sportsmen, actors, celebrities and models, i-shape offers you an efficient training method for your figure and health.

Avant-garde Technology for aesthetic clinics

More than 40.000
muscle contractions
in a single

Non-invasive technology designed for weight loss and strengthening of the lower body muscles.


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