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New software I-motion V21

I-Sculpt is the new revolution in the sports, beauty and fitness industry. The sensation is very similar to that of high-intensity exercise, but it is painless


I-Sculpt is new and innovative, but it is destined to become widespread and popular, as the results obtained are spectacular after just a few sessions. In short, i-Sculpt is the next must-have product for gyms, beauty salons, fitness centres, health centres or even physiotherapy practices (read: I-sculpt: the next must-have product for health and beauty institutes?)

Those who invest now in this new way of offering electrostimulation to their clients or patients will therefore benefit from the windfall effect inherent in any innovation. Those who invest after their competitors do so simply to avoid being “left behind”… In business, it is always better to be one step ahead.

Enhancing image and strengthening reputation


In such a competitive environment as sport and wellness, communication is a key issue. And to communicate (well!), you have to have something to say, a concept to defend. The advantage of investing in a modern and innovative solution like i-Sculpt is that you can work on both your image and your reputation.

To reinforce your reputation, communicate your new and revolutionary solution widely through a digital campaign, brochures and events (live on the Internet if the healthcare context does not allow for meetings). It’s very simple, everyone needs to know that you have the best equipment and the latest solutions.

With i-Sculpt, this wide-ranging communication aimed at raising awareness of your space is not (as is sometimes the case) at the expense of your image. On the contrary. Both objectives complement each other perfectly, as with i-Sculpt you will be able to enhance the innovative, modern and up-to-date character of your space. You give it a positive and fresh image that, by simple mimicry, will put your competitors out of the game.

It is important to note that health professionals, such as physiotherapists, are not allowed to advertise and all communication is subject to very strict rules.

For the winning triptych: Attract, Satisfy, Retain


Today, more than ever, it is essential to put the customer back at the centre of our concerns. The challenge is threefold: attract (hence the importance of communication), satisfy (hence the importance of proposing effective solutions) and retain (hence the importance of proposing an innovative offer that stands out from the competition).

The i-Sculpt solution alone can meet all three objectives. Because it is attractive (as we have already seen), but also and above all because it offers fast, convincing and targeted results (especially on the abdomen and buttocks). The results are visible from the first session and are then concrete and long-term after four sessions of about 30 minutes. It is sufficient to repeat a session approximately every six months to maintain the results obtained.

With this performance, your clients have no reason to go elsewhere. On the contrary, they will become ambassadors and will quickly spread the message. In addition to these benefits, the technical advantages (short sessions, user autonomy) will allow you to increase your customer volume without being limited by lack of space or “traffic jams” in certain time slots. This is good news for your turnover.

Responding to the Covid crisis


The context is difficult for everyone. Sports, wellness and beauty centres, being closed and social places, have been among the hardest hit by the restrictions resulting from the health crisis. The balance is more fragile than ever for the vast majority of them and, unfortunately, some are not expected to survive.

In this context, those who make it will (as always) be the most resilient and the most daring. While it is necessary to “stand still”, it is essential to reinvent oneself to get through this difficult period, especially by proposing new solutions such as i-Sculpt.

The advantage of i-Sculpt in this economic context is that, despite its innovative nature, it remains a solution that does not require a large investment. It therefore guarantees a rapid and substantial return on investment. Ideal to overcome the crisis and have an ace up your sleeve more than your competitors.

If it is not too late to invest in i-Sculpt, we strongly advise you not to delay. i-Sculpt among its customers and partners, and is expected to enter gyms and other health and beauty centres around the world very soon. Don’t wait any longer and request a free demo here:

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