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i-motion presents the latest innovations in FIBO 2019

April becomes a technological month thanks to the i-motion EMSelectrostimulation. The company is willing to share their latest developments at the leading international fair in the fitness sector, so i-motion EMS will once again attend the FIBO 2019 edition from April 4 to 7. Sessions will take place at the Cologne Exhibition Centre, and i-motion will be in Hall 7, C14, presenting in situ the benefits of electrostimulation. It will be a wonderful opportunity for all those curious professionals who want to find better aesthetic, healthy and athletic results.

The appointment with technology has chosen this time the German stage to present the i-motion EMS equipment, whose Smart Ems Software makes that, with a single initial adjustment, the equipment automatically adjusts intensity parametersin the various protocols of each training program. For this reason, it is an effective alternative for professionals and the sport and medical world.

On the health side, the speed of recovery from an injury and the pain relief factors are the ones that make electrostimulation an ideal technique in physical therapy. The added value of i-motion lies in its Smart EMS Software,its EMS Active Recovery system and the EMS Sequential Pulses, a unique technology in the market.

In this way, FIBO becomes a perfect opportunity to get in touch with the world of technology and innovation and resolve any questions about the electrostimulation functioning with professionals in the field. It provides everything you need to enjoy a comfortable and safe training session focused on the part of the body you want.

In addition, many investors have seen in this technique a safe and profitable bet to start a business while they facilitate society the access to i-motion club centers. The training benefits of i-motion EMS are very wide, and it’s a pity that ignorance, fear or a doubt could stop you from taking advantages of its benefits. So, are you ready to join us for FIBO 2019?

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