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I-motion continues its expansion in the Middle East

I-motion continues its process of expansion throughout the world. Already established in more than 50 countries, in this 2020 we continue with our expansion stage through the Middle East.

Today we are located in Egypt, a beautiful country that opens the door to a special region full of possibilities for those who love fitness and electro-stimulation. Starting in one of the most interesting areas of the Middle East, we have continued our expansion by training personal trainers in electro-stimulation in the region, making the leap to the Arab Emirates.

In this way, I-motion club is positioned as one of the leading brands in different countries in EMS centers, providing them with the best solutions and always counting with the best professionals.

I-motion club Egypt, a new concept in the capital

Today’s special mention comes with the opening of our first I-motion club in Egypt.

This recently opened center in the heart of Cairo offers an opportunity for the city and those interested in the world of fitness to try out a unique technology such as electrostimulation with I-motion equipment. Our EMS technology offered by this center also works for physiotherapeutic recovery treatments and relaxation sessions. The personal trainers who have been trained in sports electrostimulation by our coaches give sessions of about 20 minutes that exercise the whole body and are equivalent to several hours of conventional training.


The center has different training programs and personal training in EMS for everyone. In addition, among the many facilities that the center has, we highlight an I-Sculpt corner. This recent technology launched by I-motion is based on high intensity electromagnetic waves and is indicated for burning fat and increasing muscle in localized areas of the body, such as the buttocks and abdomen. This technology also makes it possible to improve physical performance. Only a 30-minute session is needed once a week to begin the treatment and see the results.


In this way, the center can combine sports training with electro-stimulation and treatments using high frequency electromagnetic waves, providing personalised solutions to its users and adapting to their needs.


I-motion club provides the technology everyone who want to start a different business with infinite possibilities and in full growth, guaranteeing a unique percentage of return in the sector.


If you want to know more about I-motion club, don’t hesitate to ask for information today. Become part of the I-motion CREW!

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