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EMS training to increase strength in elite football players

Electrostimulation and football are two words that are increasingly united. Many footballers have updated their personalized training plans with muscle electrostimulation, as is the case of Karim Benzemá, Keko or Dani Carvajal. They’ve gotten fabulous results in less time.

They use this technique to complete their sessions and relax after the great physical effort they make in their workouts. One of the main requirements of footballers, when they use electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) is to involve more fibers when working at a high intensity, which favors the prevention of injuries.

In this post, we will tell you what role EMS plays in increasing strength in elite football players. Why do they trust in this technique? Come with us, we’ll tell you!


Increase strength in football with electrical muscle stimulation

Global EMS training in elite football players is an effective method of increasing specific strength skills. To be sure, as professional football becomes more competitive, the pace of the game increases, and, as a result, the number and intensity of short, explosive and repeated speed actions increases.

Due to the impact of strength component factors on these changes in pace, jumps, shooting actions, etc., it is increasingly important to train maximum strength and rapid reaction force. However, due to the lack of regeneration time and rest in high-competition football, there is not a proper integration of strength training with this sport is carried out.

That’s why EMS training can be the solution that many coaches and footballers are looking for. In most cases, these athletes need low-intensity and recovery training. Thanks to this technique, they can prolong their efforts and improve performance, so muscle electrostimulation already occupies a place in the agenda of many elite footballers.


Increase the performance of professional football players with 2 sessions

i-motion is convinced that the performance of professional footballers can be effectively increased in two EMS sessions. Due to the high intensity of this type of workouts, we should keep in mind the momentary load, as well as the intensity and number of sessions needed in each case. Athletes manage to save time and maximum effectiveness, so EMS training has become a promising alternative to conventional strength training in high-competition sports.

Great athletes such as Nils Schumann (800 m.) and Henning Fritz (handball goalkeeper), among others, have started using electrical muscle stimulation in their training sessions. The first one is excited about the possibilities the equipment gives to users, while the latter highlights the versatility with which equipment can be used training strength.


What does i-motion electrostimulation bring to an elite athlete?

EMS is a highly recommended type of training for athletes because it helps to enhance the effect of exercises on muscle development. This is something that is achieved thanks to the contractions caused by the electrical stimulus so that trainings are performed much more effective than conventional workouts.

  • Less training time is needed as each session lasts about 20 minutes. Visible results are obtained with a couple of sessions per week.
  • I-motion electrostimulation acts directly on the muscles thanks to sequential impulses.
  • Helps remove fluidstone muscles and keep them defined.
  • Increase muscle mass and endurance.
  • You can increase the training load on specific muscle groups and combine the workout with physical exercise.
  • Increases the localized strength in the muscle group that we are interested to improve. For example, the abs.
  • The injury risk level is minimal.
  • As sessions progress, you can also increase the intensity level.
  • EMS training helps you meet training goals and recover from very hard workouts.
  • It helps to compensate the less frequently worked muscles.
  • The i-motion Bio-Jacket ensures perfect mobility and covers most of the body, allowing EMS waves access to more than 650 muscles.

The EMS device at, in addition to being the most advanced one, has a private area where you will find everything you need to get the most out of your equipment. Boost your business, download all the material you need, learn with the tutorials and report any incidents so we can help you.

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