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Training to become an electrostimulation (EMS) trainer

More and more professionals use electrostimulation in their activities. The main professions that practice this specialty are sports professionals, physiotherapists and aesthetician. To offer an electrostimulation service are necessary two conditions:

  1. It is compulsory to have the degree or certificate in order to carry out their main professional activity.
  2. To be trained and specialized in electrostimulation.

This means that whether you are a sports trainer, physiotherapist or aesthetician you must have a specific degree for your profession. This is essential in order to carry out your professional activity.

If you like to offer electrostimulation services to your patients or clients, you must be trained in order to acquire specific skills in this method. For this reason it is necessary that you train with EMS professionals, and the company that provides you with equipment offers you this training and certifies you.

Muscular electrostimulation consists of the emission of electrical pulses through the muscles,  as our own body does through the different cells of our body. It is based on a very high performance technology and can be adapted to very diverse uses that require specific knowledge, such as:

Electrostimulation in sports:

In sports clubs and/or gyms, electro-stimulation can be used for weight loss, toning up and strengthening of muscles as well as muscle recovery. In addition, it increases energy, increases strength, and improves circulation.

Electrostimulation in health:

In health clinics, electrostimulation will be used to relieve pain, optimize rehabilitation and prevent injury. Achieve a motor response, increase muscle strength through different programs, prevent muscle atrophy and increase tone.

Aesthetic electrostimulation:

In beauty centers, electrostimulation will help to sculpt the body, reduce cellulite, improve blood circulation and improve general well-being.

Whether in any of these three fields, it is necessary that all the professionals who offer the electrostimulation service are trained and certified by the company that provides them the equipment.

Specific training and personalized support:

Nowadays, electrostimulators are very advanced technological devices that, in order to be used to their full potential, require good technical knowledge.

The supplier of the electrostimulation equipment, as in our case I-motion EMS, is the one who offers not only advanced technology equipment, but also specific training and certification of having participated in our training courses. As a company, we consider ourselves a true partner, who accompanies each of our clients, from the moment they acquire the equipment, are trained, and begin their business career in the world of electrostimulation.

If you want to start and specialize in the world of electrostimulation, whether in the field of sport, health or aesthetic, ask for information about i-motion Club.

I-motion one of the world leaders in wireless EMS and present in more than 50 countries.

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