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Electrostimulation is an excellent practice in physiotherapy

Electrostimulation is not only very popular with athletes; it is also very popular with physical therapists. We can study electro stimulation in a physiotherapy degree. This technique helps to the physiotherapist to improve and prevent a lot of injuries and pathologies.

Electrostimulation from treatment to prevention

The main advantage of electrostimulation is its great versatility. There are two types of body tissues: muscle tissues and connective tissues (nerves). The electrotherapy sends electrical impulses through electrodes placed on the skin. For the muscle fibers, we will use an EMS electro stimulator for tone and enhance the muscles, and if we want to reduce pain, we must use the TENS electro stimulator technique.

The treatment of different injures or pathologies with electrostimulation allows relieving acute or chronic pain, retrain muscle functions, and prevent new cases in the future. We have scientific results of directs benefits of this technique, especially for treating back or in the rehabilitation processes of knee injuries.

Electrical stimulation, evolution, and training

To adapt treatment and patient care, the physical therapist can use the EMS or TENS technique, choose the frequency and power of the electrical impulses, and vary the electrodes’ placement. This technique taught in physiotherapy undergraduate courses has evolved significantly in recent years, thanks to technological advances and the improvement of programs and protocols.

As with sports trainers who use a training method that incorporates muscle electrostimulation, we recommend that health professionals receive regular preparation. Manufacturers of electro-stimulators can offer specific training adapted to their technology (“i-motion, the ideal partner to start a business”).

I-motion electro stimulator, the solution adapted to physical therapy practices

The electrotherapy is a common practice and integrated into the various physiotherapy protocols.

Its operational implementation is evolving, progressing, and allowing better adaptation to the limitations of the methods. In particular, EMS wireless electrical stimulation simplifies use and improves patient autonomy. I-motion, the world leader in the sector, has developed electrostimulation devices that offer programs that adapt to each patient’s specific needs, simultaneously and painlessly mobilizing up to 300 muscles. Our teams have wireless technology with a range of up to 100 meters, creating an unlimited number of patients.

Experienced engineers, specialized in the design and manufacture of medical devices, develop our solution. Made in Spain, this technology has KTC certificates, the CE certificate approved by SGS, and the Invima quality management certificate that guarantees the quality of the products and their innovative character.

If you want to discover the applications and advantages of electrostimulation in the health sector, visit our page: Health Sector.

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