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EMS electrostimulation in France on the French Riviera

Introducing Julien and Kevin, owners of Equilib’Fit, our new I-motion France brand ambassadors, who train regularly with our EMS electrostimulationequipment and are located on the French Riviera.

Today, they visit us in our training center to update their knowledge of EMS electrostimulation.

Julien and Kevin, are state certified physical trainers specialized in EMS.

Their passion for training, and dedication to their customers, succeeds in taking their customers further with each training session.

They have only one goal: to help their customers progress according to their level and their objectives through tailor-made training, providing specific technical advice and above all encouragement.

Julien and Kevin, current i-motion trainers, are certified, trained in i-motions and approved by the Emergency Medical Service.

They offer a wide selection of sports training to people to accompany and motivate them in every session.

Julien and Kevin from Equilib’ Fit, practice EMS electrostimulation daily and continues trainings throughout the year to offer a real quality sports experience.

Julien has been a firefighter for over 15 years, supervising the physical and sports activities of the fire department (EAP) and a swimming instructor for lifeguards.

He is also a competitive rugby player since his youngest age.

Kevin, has also been a firefighter for 4 years. He graduated from 2 state diplomas in weightlifting and lifeguard. He is also a physical trainer for several clubs (basketball, rugby…). A basketball player for over 25 years, he also practices combat sports.

We wish Julien and Kevin much success in their professional careers as EMS electrostimulation I-motion coaches.