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Does electrostimulation work for your buttocks?

Electrical muscle stimulation is a technique that strengthens and repairs the fibres. This technique involves an electrical pulse that contracts the muscles. This contraction is similar to what happens when electric pulses are emitted by the brain through the central nervous system.

Electrical stimulation can be used to treat injuries and physically improve the human body. It reduces cellulites, defines the abs and helps with weight loss. It can also increase facial elasticity by eliminating the aged look and wrinkles to create collagen and connective tissue.

Electrical stimulation can also be done with a vest and pants filled with electrodes. This electrode suit allows ease of movement to do other exercises when on. It contracts the muscles and, therefore, works the glutes, arms and legs as well as any other area desired.

What electrical stimulation is for and how it is used

Electrical stimulation is the result of advanced research in sport and medicine. There are apparatuses and machines which can apply this technique at venues dedicated to client wellness. Electrical stimulation treatments can be easily adapted to each patient. In other words, it can be completely personalized.

Electrical stimulation is widely used, particularly in aesthetic medicine, but also in physical therapy rehab to prevent atrophy due to a lack of exercise. It is also used for intense training to prevent injury.

In aesthetic medicine, it is used to thin out areas of the body or the entire body.

The benefits and aims of electrical stimulation

Some of the many benefits include improving blood circulation in the muscles. Another benefit is increased natural collagen production. Moreover, it reduces fat accumulation which helps dissolve it and increase nutrients in the limbs.

The aim of electrical stimulation is to tone and strengthen the fibres forming the different muscles groups. Electrical stimulation can be done generally using electrical stimulation suits consisting of a vest and pants filled with electrodes, as mentioned. It can also be used in isolation, focusing on a single area of the body.

Electrical stimulation for the glutes

Electrical stimulation helps physically condition the body, increase strength and tone the muscles. However, it is true that combining it with voluntary exercises is always better.

To tone the glutes, the right programme must be chosen and not always the same one. The reason for this is because the body gets used to the chosen programme and is no longer effective after a certain period of time. It is also important to change posture and the types of exercise for guaranteed results.

What does it do?

The area is toned in addition to gaining volume in the glutes and reducing flaccidity as well as cellulitis. When it comes to cellulitis, the roughness of the fat nodes is reduced but electrical stimulation in this case is only used for help or as a supplement to other treatments.

Electrical stimulation must be accompanied by a healthy diet and aerobic exercise.

It is important to maintain a proper diet, so the muscles are well-nourished. Such a diet may consist of quality proteins, fruit, vegetables, fibre, vitamins, minerals…

The treatment

Treatment efficacy is achieved with a daily aerobic exercise routine. This eliminates fat because it’s also important to get rid of the fat surrounding the glutes, so the electric pulses emitted by the electrodes can reach the muscles well and be more effective.

But, it’s not only a good idea to use electrodes on the glutes when you want to work these muscles. It’s also a good idea to use them on the quadriceps. Working the quadriceps will develop them properly. This will get the best results in the least amount of time.

Glute training

The action of the glutes consists of the external extension and rotation of the leg as well as knee stabilization when extended.

The gluteal muscles are voluminous as well as the most powerful in the human body, connecting all bodily structures. Besides their important role and ability to develop strength since they are the most powerful muscles in the human body, as said, caring for and exercising them also involves an aesthetic aim.

But, let’s stick with the strength development capacity. The gluteal muscles are essential in sports where leg extension is important such as in karate, basketball and racing. That’s why they must be vigorously trained for these sports.

And along with the calf muscles and quadriceps, the glutes are the muscles that provide legs with strength and enable the biped position and means for movement.

Does electrical stimulation activate a person’s metabolism?

Metabolic activation burns the fat that provides energy. If you engage in prolonged average intensity effort, the fat cells and adipocytes decompose and product ATP. This ATP is released into the blood flow and provides the energy needed to contract the muscles, for example.

By training with electrical stimulation, the blood will flow better in the area where you wish to eliminate fat. With better blood flow, more ATP is transported. However, studies are still being done to determine whether the higher ATP movement is related to greater production of ATP in the cell mitochondria.

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