Discover the benefits of EMS i-motion to relieve back pain

Do you suffer pain in the spine?

If the answer is yes, you should know that it is one of the most common pathologies currently in most developed countries and that there are many factors that cause or aggravate them. In the case of spinal pathologies of non-traumatic origin, 90% is caused by a bad postural scheme.

beneficios-de-la-ems-en la espalda

What does this mean?

We have,4 postural captors that determine our position, at the moment in which one of them has a malfunction, we will compensate with inadequate positions.
This type of ailment occupies hours on the medical waiting lists or in the physiotherapists’ agendas

but is there any effective treatment for relieving back pain?

Therapeutic electrostimulation has always been presented as an option ,for the recovery of injuries in certain parts of the body, being widely recommended to relieve pain in the spine, because it can recover or strengthen muscles more difficult to work with traditional sports.

Is it really beneficial?

The resounding answer is a yes. With an adequate routine of exercises in addition to the activation of the Core with the biojacket i-motion will eliminate your spinal pain.

We discovered it in this study by Dr. Reynier Fernández León about the benefits of EMS i-mMotion in back pathologies, where you can discover the different adverse factors that condition back pain, the fundamentals, effects and main areas in which relieve back pain with i-motion ems through EMS therapy.

Do you want to know the purposes and advantages of the EMS application?

Then you just have to read the PDF about the benefits of EMS i-motion in spine pathologies.

Benefits of EMS i-motion to relieve back pain