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Cutting-edge gyms: increasingly smarter

A cutting-edge phone and tablet, the latest car… And so on. Society wants to stay up to speed on the go, but to achieve this it must be the first, and although this seems the biggest contradiction of all time, it makes sense.

Gyms equipped with latest machines, new technological trends and activities, are those that are placed in the top positions of the ranking of ‘the best gyms’ in Madrid, Barcelona, Spain or around the world.

There are many sports centers to train, but how many of them are modern and dynamic? Are you on of those who create trends or those who are waiting to adopt the changes? We want to tell you some news that are happening in the world of sport, as well as the evolution and benefits of i-motion EMS training.

Will you join us?

3 fitness trends you’ll find in the most modern gyms


Personal trainers have evolved into what some professionals call a Wellness Coach. These professionals try to achieve in the client both physical and mental wellness, a goal that many people are getting thanks to the support of a consultant and fellow traveler to a full and healthy life. This person is in charge of analyzing your habits, your ways of life to evolve gradually. Because there is no greater pleasure to take care of yourself.


It allows customized training in group without neglecting any of the users. The coaches are getting the maximum effectiveness in the shortest possible time and without limits of participation. Group and multi-cluster training. Different users and different groups with different types and programs of training. Be at the forefront of technology should be a priority decision for the gyms, because their functions are essential. If you want to delve into this, please visit our page.


There is no need to get to exercise alone, especially if you can enjoy the good company while do you it. The experiential fitness considers this aspect, that does not focus on the tools as such, but in exercising while you share that moment with your family or friends in unique landscapes and meeting other people. It is a trend that is becoming fashionable and that goes beyond the walls of a gym.

Cutting-edge gyms: with electrostimulation

Currently, if the gyms, the coaches and the trainers don’t work with electro-stimulation, we cannot say that they are at the forefront of technology. This technique has been a revolution for the sport, and great athletes already use it in their workouts: Usain Bolt, Benzema or Fernando Alonso, for example.

It is becoming more common to speak of electrofitness, a training method with electrostimulation allowing to work many muscles at the same time. Quickly and effectively. Live monitoring. Those gyms updated with innovative solutions for their clients have increased their competitiveness, so that every time it is more common to find this tool in the sports centers.

When the objective of the EMS focuses only in muscle mass or improve the body, we are talking about electrofitness, but when we put the focus on different goals that have nothing to do with the physical, but therapeutic condition, we speak of electro-stimulation. With these devices, it is possible to train the body in less time and with less load, causing the muscle to get more stimulus, increasing tension and having a more effective workout.

An example of gymnasiums specialized in this technology are the i-motion Club, “a new concept created to help users find the nearest club”.

Do you consider your center as a gym with the latest technology? Do you want to improve your business with electrical stimulation to better the results of the athletes?

How can you improve your training with i-motion?

Those points of improvement that EMS brings to athletes and personal trainers are:

  1. Obtain obvious results in the short and medium term.
  2. Offer a great service to customers.
  3. Automatically adjust the programs within a training protocol.
  4. It is a profitable business and a safe bet.
  5. You can stand out and differentiate yourself from the competition, because you attract a different audience and you can position yourself as a reference electrostimulation gym.
  6. You can do group and multigroup training, being able to link the wireless connection on different screens of training modules. Some examples of this type of training can be: Core, Gap, functional, or custom. These activities may occur both in gyms or sport centers and training outdoors guided by a personal trainer.
  7. You can choose and adapt the intensities individually to each user and pause the training at any time during the session.
  8. The trainer provides athletes active recovery, what makes the difference in training thanks to its momentum. This acts on the muscle in a controlled way and perceiving muscle contractions differently.
  9. You can help athletes gain muscle mass, varying the stimulus degree constantly and getting faster results.
  10. You can decide which muscles you are going to train.
  11. Thanks to the combination with the voluntary exercises, training is enhanced and improves.
  12. It is a scientifically based solution.
  13. You can work more than 350 muscles at once and save time. Think that a 25-minute session is equivalent to 3 hours of training in the gym.
  14. i-motion has certifications that give you added value both to the team and who invests in it, as the technical EMS certificate.
  15. Remote assistance through Team Viewer and a technical service always available to our customers.
  16. It has an easy and intuitive software in continuous development.
  17. If you change the program, all parameters are preset, so that contraction and relaxation times will be in optimal values for each program.

Bet on professional EMS with as a great ally of your workout routines.

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