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What are the benefits of i-Sculpt?

I-Sculpt is the new wonder in the aesthetic sector. An innovative technology based on high-frequency electromagnetic waves that offers many advantages for both users and professionals offering this solution. Versatility, efficiency and cost-effectiveness, i-Sculpt meets all the requirements that make it the essential electrostimulation solution for the coming years. Today we explain why:


More muscle and less fat

It is a tempting promise. A single device to increase muscle mass and reduce fat. Two objectives that are clearly compatible. According to studies with the first i-Sculpt users, this technology would increase muscle mass (especially abdominal muscle mass) by 15-19%. The loss of fat is estimated at 18-22%.

These results are convincing. Combined, they become something truly spectacular. There is more, because it is based on the same principle as muscle electrostimulation by sending electrical impulses through electrodes, i-Sculpt allows you to target very precise areas of the body. It acts directly on the buttocks and abdominal muscles (where most of the fat is concentrated) to quickly restore a harmonious figure.


Welfare, care and rehabilitation

The versatility of i-Sculpt also lies in the benefits of this innovative solution. In addition to the aesthetic interest, the increase in muscle mass will be essential for metabolism, thermogenesis, protection of vital organs or the generation of movement. Fat reduction has a positive effect on testosterone, lowers blood pressure, reduces the risk of arthritis and the development of diabetes. Non-invasive, painless and soothing, i-Sculpt typically reduces stress and improves the user’s well-being for several days after the session.

The virtues of this treatment are also widely recognised when it comes to pain relief (including chronic pain), healing and rehabilitation. At each stage of the treatment protocol, i-Sculpt offers tailored programmes to accelerate and optimise the process. Joint mobilisation, spasticity reduction, muscle recovery, the range is wide and further proof of the incredible versatility of this solution.

From the gym to the beauty salon to health practices.

The diversity of uses offered by i-Sculpt makes it a suitable solution for a wide range of spaces. Gym managers will offer i-Sculpt to their members so they can improve their performance and gain muscle. Beauty salons and other aesthetic centres to help their clients burn fat and firm their bodies. Finally, doctors’ offices and other clinics choose i-Sculpt to better treat and rehabilitate their patients.

Because of the diversity of its uses, its advantages and the places where it can be used, i-Sculpt is the ultimate multi-purpose solution.

Fast and long-lasting results

A “one size fits all” solution is not enough. It must also be an effective solution. We have already seen that i-Sculpt allows you to lose an average of 20% of body fat and increase muscle mass by 15-19%. This is good, but after how long and at what cost? This is precisely the other achivement by our teams. Painless and without the need for energy-consuming exercises, these spectacular results start to be visible from the first session, which lasts half an hour.

Four to six sessions are needed for lasting results. From then on, it is simply recommended to repeat a session every six months to maintain the effects obtained. The explanation for this small miracle lies in the fact that i-Sculpt does not need to be combined with physical exercise, as the impulses emitted penetrate the tissues where its manipulators work on the surface.

A quick return on investment

Increasing turnover is good. Increasing your profitability is better. Technologically very advanced, i-Sculpt is not a muscular electrostimulation solution like the dozens that already exist on the market. The choice of i-Sculpt is clearly an investment option to differentiate yourself from the competition and be at the forefront of your sector.

However, and this is a very important fact, the investment in i-Sculpt pays off very quickly. Firstly, because the price, especially for an innovation of this magnitude, is affordable. But also, and above all, because this investment will be accompanied by a very strong increase in profitability by increasing the volume of clients without increasing costs.

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