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Boxing and muscle electrostimulation: Are they compatible?

Boxing is a very complete exercise that works and strengthens various areas of the body, such as the arms, legs or back. It is an essential practice if you want to increase your endurance and physical strength, but it is also positioned as an aerobic exercise to lose weight.

But… did you know that muscle electrostimulation and boxing can be the perfect team? You can benefit from the advantages of an EMS equipment in your boxing workouts. By joining the benefits of boxing and EMS training you will achieve your goals more pleasantly and comfortably at the same time as effectively. You can use the Bio-Jacket: an antibacterial, odorless and comfortable vest in which the electrodes are relocated to better stimulate your muscles. Or the EMS Sequential Impulses: one of the innovative technologies that i-motion has developed with which all your muscles are exercised through small time sequences.

What are the benefits of boxing workouts?

There are many benefits you can get with this type of training. Not only physicists, but also mental because it helps you evade matters of your own. Some of those benefits are:

  • Release of accumulated stresses: Helps you get rid of the stresses of each day, such as the stress caused by long working days. The release is positive because you can avoid certain common headaches. You may even feel happier because of the release of endorphins, better known as the happiness hormone.
  • Weight loss: As it is an aerobic exercise, the fat burning is higher than in other sports. If you want to lose weight, EMS training is positioned as one of the most effective for this purpose, although it also depends on the intensity of the session.
  • Increase muscle and bone mass: Don’t forget that it’s an aerobic exercise, but in addition to losing weight, you can also gain muscle and bone mass. If you exercise your muscles these will increase, while you can also gain bone mass making a big impact them. The need for bone care is critical, as from the age of 30 they tend to get worse. They should be taken care of because otherwise illnesses or pains such as osteoporosis can appeared.
  • Tone and body definition: Over time, you’ll notice that certain areas of your body such as your arms and legs are more toned. Likewise, you’ll notice that others like your back and abs are more defined.
  • Cardiovascular health improvements: Because it is an exercise that is composed of intervals, it facilitates the improvement of your cardiovascular health. This reduces your chances of cardiovascular disease, because it improves your blood circulation. In addition to improving blood pressure or the respiratory system.
  • Improve reflexes and coordination: Boxing is a sport in which we need attention, since at any time you can take a hit from your opponent. With its practice, your reflexes increase to be able to dodge those punches. To do this, aspects such as mental speed and coordination come into play.
  • Balance improvements: Improving reflexes and coordination makes your balance to progress as well. When performing sudden and fast movements, the balance is also worked, as you need it, among other things, to not falling to the ground.

Bio-Jacket: the best suit to perform an EMS workout

Bio-Jacket is positioned as the best muscle electrostimulation suit on the market. It is not a cumbersome vest, on the contrary, it is comfortable and flexible. Two features that provide uniqueness and that make it different from other electrostimulation suits. It consists of two pieces and 18 electrodes that can be moved, which provides greater freedom.

Thanks to a constant work and various tests we have obtained a suit with which we guarantee that you will achieve your goals satisfactorily. You will enjoy your workouts and you will not feel static.

EMS Sequential Impulses

Thanks to this great technology, the order in which the contractions of your muscles occur is controlled. And with that, we have created a new way of working out your muscles. EMS Sequential Impulses don’t just serve for this end, they also provide better lymphatic circulation. How? With a lymphatic drainage rhythmical massage.

Accuracy is one of its many benefits, because thanks to these impulses, each EMS training session is more accurate, since they transfer the stimuli precisely for each set of exercised muscles.

However, sequential impulses not only can be used in boxing training sessions, but they can be applied in any sporting discipline.

Do you do boxing? Have you tried muscle electrostimulation? If you haven’t, don’t wait any longer to take your workouts to another level. Request a demo and you can check all the advantages offered by our EMS device at imotion.


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