Learn about the benefits of EMS i-motion to strengthen the pelvic floor

Strengthen the pelvic floor

When the pelvic floor muscles become weak, they cause different conditions in both the physical and psychological health of the patients This type of ailment usually involves urinary or fecal incontinence, sexual dysfunction among other problems, so, due to the social rejection that these causes, the patient can suffer a negative state of mind repercussion.

Benefits of EMS i-motion

How it benefits your health

This makes it essential to consider prevention and strengthen the pelvic floor even before presenting the first symptoms. There are different factors that cause this type of affections, being women and people with jobs that require a high physical effort the more prone to affected, so you can become aware of which population groups should try to strengthen the pelvic floor through the EMS i-motion in a preventive way.

The use of electrostimulation is not only an aesthetic or sporting thing, it also has great relevance in the field of health and, as can be seen, strengthening the pelvic floor with i-motion emssignificantly improves the lives of people, both those that do not present any symptoms as those that are already suffering the consequences.

How can it be achieved?

In 90% of the cases it has been observed that the transverse muscle of the abdomen is weakened n problems related to the pelvic floor It is important to take into account the muscles that support this part of the body, such as the paravertebral musculature, lumbar muscle, diaphragm and perineum to be able to apply an effective therapy.

What is the key to success in this type of therapy?

A good routine of exercises with the frequency, chronaxie, adequate times and have specialists. In i-motion, for example, we are focused on the paravertebral and abdominal muscles to provide you with the best recovery and prevention.

Do you want to discover all the advantages it implies?

We invite you to do so through the PDF study of the benefits of EMS i-motion in the pelvic floor of Dr. Reyner Fernández León.

Can I work multiple muscle groups simultaneously?