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Achieve defined buttocks without surgery with i-shape esthetic

Achieve defined buttocks without surgery

Although having perfect and toned buttocks is the dream of many, until now it was not within everyone’s reach. In the past, it was necessary to practice a lot of sports, follow a strict diet, or undergo complicated surgeries.

In the case of sport, results can be achieved, but only with a perfect combination of perseverance and patience. And not all of us are able to comply, either due to lack of time or the effort required. Nutrition is always fundamental, but by itself it is not a determining factor. Undergoing surgery is usually too drastic an option, and not everyone is willing to undergo surgery.

Cosmetic surgery can bring about lasting and drastic changes to our bodies, both positive and negative. But it can also affect people’s moods. Before requesting a consultation to see a plastic surgeon, it is necessary to analyze calmly the reasons for doing so. It is necessary to know and understand the medical risks involved: the various physical effects during recovery, how the surgery may affect one’s personal or professional life, and the possible changes in lifestyle that often accompany the recovery period. And never forget the expenses involved, which are always generated by this type of intervention.

In addition, there is the issue of incompatibilities with a surgery of this type. For example, with diseases such as diabetes, one is more exposed to later complications. Or having a body mass index of 30 or more can cause blood clots in the legs.



Cómo lograr unos glúteos perfectos


How to achieve perfect buttocks without surgery

It is very common to resort to new methods that technology makes available to the aesthetic discipline. Especially if these advances are cutting-edge and, of course, non-invasive.

i-shape Esthetic is the latest novelty in the aesthetic sector. It is a unique and revolutionary device that uses EMS technology to treat different zones at the same time, giving results in very few sessions. The action of i-shape Esthetic allows to transmit a direct and deep stimulation to the muscles. In this way, it creates perfect contractions and causes the muscles to relax in a precise way. This results in fat removal, muscle gain and skin toning.

On the buttocks, the benefits are immediate. Thanks to the different programs of i-shape Esthetic, it is possible to stimulate the gluteal muscles permanently during each treatment session through a localized action. The intelligent functioning of i-shape Esthetic allows a targeted action to strengthen tissues and fibers, eliminating cellulite and lifting the buttocks.

Immediately visible results

i-shape Esthetic combines the latest technology with exclusive software to offer maximum effectiveness. It achieves up to 40,000 real contractions in one session, thus reaching the deepest area of the different muscle groups, which is equivalent to extensive physical exercise sessions. It causes an excitation of the muscle fibers, achieving a higher caloric expenditure than with conventional exercise. It accelerates the metabolism, burning fat and gaining muscle mass at the same time.

The advantages of electrostimulation over surgery are innumerable. The first is that it has no side effects, either short or long term. It also has no postoperative period and does not require care of any kind. And of course, there is no need to deal with pain, swelling, bruising or infections to which one is exposed after surgery.

The results are visible in just a few sessions, and the system is backed by international certifications. And of course, there is at the same time total compatibility with other beauty treatments performed by the center.

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