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Does abdominal electrical muscle stimulation really work?

There are many misconceptions – without any value or scientific basis – about performing abdominal exercises to strengthen these muscles. Some professional trainers as Israel González Barroso, from GO fit, explains that “they are the most complicated muscle group to define or sculpt due to the pelvic girdle”.

Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) or neuromuscular (NMES) is the application of an electric current in the muscle or nerve to get an involuntary muscle contraction. And that is why we want to tell you how it works when one of your clients attend your aesthetic center with the desire to strengthen their abdomen.

Electrical muscle stimulation in the field of aesthetics

Electrical stimulation is a technique widely used in the field of fitness and aesthetics. Its evolution has been unstoppable since the studies made by Kotz in the 1970s, so that 20 years later the first electro-stimulation of local application was released to be used by the society, especially by athletes.

It has been scientifically recognized because it is a method that works with issues of sagging and tone our muscles. The beauticians are including electrostimulators as part of their equipment and acquiring the necessary knowledge about the operation of the devices in the different parts of the body (the intensity of the impulses, its placement, the use of sequential impulses, applications fields, their benefits, programs focused on strength and cardio, the time of contraction and relaxation, etc.).

Although muscle electrostimulation is already used in the sport and health sectors, aesthetic centers are using it also for others healthy and beauty purposes. For example: prevent muscular atrophy, stimulate paralyzed muscles, treat pain, eliminate excess fat our bodies, etc.

The functioning of electrostimulation on the abdominal muscles

In the EMS field, the important thing is to know the aim we want to achieve: relax or strengthen the muscle? According to our objective, a type of waves or another will be used. In the case of wanting to reduce or strengthen the abdomen, we will use ideal frequencies to reduce the fat or increase the blood flow, the hyperoxygenation and elimination of accumulated metabolites.

It works with all those women who want to reduce the fat in the abdomen and have a strong abdomen. Thanks to the EMS, aesthetic centers are helping many women to achieve the objectives of their body, working more the same muscle fibers than the normal exercise. Ideally, combine both things and keep track of a tailored diet.

With the EMS device at, you can work different muscle groups depending on their application, where the sequence lies. And you can combine major muscles with training programs, it will allow that the beautician and the user focus specifically on the sequence in which you wish to work. If a person attends your aesthetic center to improve their abdomen, this will be part of the major muscles.

What should the beautician know?

The specialist of the aesthetic centers should know the operation of electrical muscle stimulation to place the equipment on the abdominal muscles that the patient wants to train (for example: the oblique). In addition, you must also select the program and the corresponding intensity. Otherwise, they could damage or atrophy fibers, in addition to creating muscle spasms due a bad electrode position, not matching the right intensities.

I-motion EMS equipment is a solution to highlight yourself from the competition in the field of aesthetics, among others, above all because it is the only device in the market that produces a pleasant and comfortable feeling subjecting muscles to a deep and intense work.

Finally, we want to remind you that the electrostimulator can be useful to your customers, but the ideal thing to do is to use it as a complement to an active training and under your supervision.

What results do you expect?

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